Product Introduction

Without just the right product that matches your feet, the effects of sports insoles (mainly protecting your legs, ankles, and knees from injury) may be significantly compromised. That’s why SIDAS offers a wide range of highly customizable choices that fits your feet precisely and performs effectively.


The most characteristic part of your feet is its arches. SIDAS 3Feet ® is our ready-to-wear sports and daily-use insole series with Low, Mid, High arch options. The highly customizable range allows you to enjoy the benefits of a bespoke pair at a more affordable price, without the hassle of custom fitting.



SIDAS 3D Technology series lets you own your own pair of 100% customized insoles through 3D modeling, resulting in a one-of-a-kind pair just for you. These are recommended for those with highly unbalanced leg length or pelvic balance, and are suitable for professional athletes. They are also often recommended by podiatrists for clinical purposes.


SIDAS Flash Fit series is the middle ground between ready-made options and custom-fitted insoles. It can be worn as it is or personalized on the spot at our stores. The series is recommended for serious amateur athletes, or those seeking for a convenient solution to their lingering clinical* needs such as chronic knee or ankle pain.

*Although very often prescribed and/or recommended by medical doctors, make sure to seek professional medical help for serious injuries or conditions that need treatment.