Our History

SIDAS was founded in 1975 by Loic David, Jacques Martin and Gabriel Pellicot. They initially produced Ski Boots with the development and marketing of a solution to ensure foot comfort. Eventually when Francois Duvillard succeed SIDAS, that is when SIDAS became the company we know today.

The success of Sidas’ various projects is achieved by combining passion for sport with the expertise of athletes, orthopedic centers and sports experts.

Sidas provides solutions for every type of foot and every sport, every day!

Our Mission

SIDAS's mission is to design, develop and manufacture technologies and solutions adapted to all feet, all sports and for general wear. Satisfying patients, athletes and the general public comes from a combination of care, comfort and well-being.

Modern people walk on concrete asphalt roads …

But our genetic makeup is evolved to walk on grass and natural earth.

Constant pressure and weight to the feet cause your feet arches to collapse and sink over time.

Most of our chronic pains to the ankles, knees, hips and neck are in fact caused by feet problems.

SIDAS provides the ideal foot remedy, each insole developed through patented technology and ergonomic 3D design.

That’s why SIDAS insoles can accommodate any foot type or size.

SIDAS is the #1 insole brand loved by professional athletes–

in PGA and LPGA golf, running, cycling, baseball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, skiing, and most recently, English Premier League football.