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Size: S
Foot Arch: High
Product Description

专为高足弓设计的鞋垫。 3Feet® Slim 鞋垫适用于低容量鞋类。它们也可以剪裁成半鞋垫。

    How long do the insoles take for me to get used to it?

    The 3D design of SIDAS insoles may feel awkward at first, as if something is in the way of your feet. It is completely natural to feel this, as it takes time for your feet movement to adapt and correct itself. However, if you feel acute pain when using the insoles immediately contact our customer service or switch to a different product that better fit your feet.

    Is it okay to use the insole on one side only?

    Insoles must be used as a complete pair. If you feel discomfort using both sides due to imbalance between the length of your legs, we strongly recommend you switch to custom insoles instead.

    How long does it take for the positive effects of the insoles to show?

    Going back and forth between wearing insoles and not wearing them may reduce the speed of your recovery. We urge you to wear them on a consistent basis.

    What should I do if I’m unsure of my insole size?

    As a rule, it is safer to go larger. You may cut the surplus edges of SIDAS insoles to fit the size to your shoes without compromising its effects (refer to DIY insoles fitting for more information.)

    There are too many types of insoles to choose from. Where should I begin?

    If your feet have especially high or low arches, we recommend the 3Feet range which accommodates for various arches.

    For sports such as golf and baseball with a clear objective of using insoles (e.g. stablizing stance), we recommend the 3D line.

    For daily use on high heels, loafers and sneakers, we recommend the Flashfit models.

    What is the right size to select– my shoe size, or my measured foot size?

    Our insoles are designed to match your shoes. Choose your size according to your shoe size.

    How durable are SIDAS insoles?

    Although the durability varies on the frequency of use, the general product lifecycle of a pair of insoles is two years.

    However, since your feet are quick to adapt to new environments and often change shape, we recommend to check with SIDAS every 6 months and switch insoles if necessary, or for further improvement.

    Care & Caution
    Applicable Shoes Type:

    Including but not limited to: Golf Shoes, Sports Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, Walkers, Slippers.

    All shoes with identical size may use the same insoles.

    How to wash:
    • Use a soft brush (or equivalent) to dust off debris on surface
    • Apply neutral detergent and water on soiled area; rub gently with a toothbrush
    • Do not twist or fold the product while washing as it may cause deformation
    • Leave in natural drying conditions (do not use hair dryers or heaters)
    • Do not place in washing machine or apply detergent including clorox or bleach

    • Do not use for purposes other than intended (shoe insoles)
    • This product is not, and does not qualify as, medical devices or implants
    • Immediately stop use if product causes excessive pain and/or pressure
    • Make sure to check foot size accurately before cutting for customization
    • Keep away from fire and other inflammatory risks
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to heat as it may deform the product
    • Use neutral detergents for cleansing after use
    • Insoles are expendable products; regular replacements are recommended
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